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Latest News, Updates & Articles

Easter Break From Joshua

This week we are celebrating life worshiping the Lord for His sacrifice that gave us life. Join us for the following events and come back next week for the end of Joshua. Activities Friday 4/14/2017 6:30 PM Good Friday Service Sunday 4/16/2017 Resurrection Sunday 9:00 AM Brunch 10:00 AM Easter Egg Hunt 10:30 AM Worship […]

Renewed Purpose (Joshua 5)

Failure rots! Imagine wandering around in circles for 40 years because of a bad decision. Now that is baggage. This is where we are at in Joshua 5. “Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.’” (Joshua 5:9) Failure causes tears and we need to learn […]

Celebrate (Joshua 4)

Come this Sunday to study together Joshua 5 … 10:30 am. That being said last week we looked at Joshua 4. The people picked up stones after walking over dry ground. You might ask – so what? But it was across a flowing river that God stopped up and was an amazing event. Thus, why […]

Stepping Out Into the Unknown

Imagine, being told to do something that in the past there was little success. Imagine the feelings of failure and the baggage of those who tried and passed along stories of how it is not possible. The consequences were 40 years of wanderings … so here comes the challenge – step out into the unknown. […]

Unlikely Alliance

Joshua 2 Real briefly allow me to give a quick synopsis of the message from last Sunday. Joshua sent out two spies to check out Canaan and Jericho. Chapter speaks of an unlikely alliance. The help that God sends is not what we would expect and there is a great message for us to receive. […]