What are your thoughts?

We have studied this book and began with God’s message of His choosing Jacob over Esau. Read the passage and lets discuss it.

The passage talks about a choice of one over the other. Did God play favorites? Why Jacob? Was he better than Esau? If so then how? If not than why was Jacob chosen?

Let’s look at this together.

You think about it with me and let me propose something so you can think about it because I believe it is the opening salvo of the author in challenging the reader to owning a true heart with God.

See, briefly consider this, Jacob was not better than Esau. He simply embraced being in the line of Abraham. He was willing to say yes to God’s coming Savior who was to be the promised child of Jacob’s forefather Abraham.

The nation of Israel was struggling with being true to this truth and began to question if they were loved or not. Read Malachi 1:1-5. God loved them and they had lost the true understanding of their position. They were questioning and going through the motions. This resulted in asking this question … “How have you loved us?”

Wow, that hurts.

All the years, all the ups and downs. They were brought back to the land as promised but where, oh where was the love?

God so much wanted to use the people of Israel in ways that would bring deep joy and delight (read verse 5) but this could not happen unless they came to God with a true heart. They needed to embrace his love, be open, and honest.

Let us be clear – Malachi is not talking about perfection, just a humble dropping to the knees and saying thanks for loving me. Help me to love you.

Can we do that? How about right now!

pastor Mark