Unlikely Alliance

Joshua 2

Real briefly allow me to give a quick synopsis of the message from last Sunday.

Joshua sent out two spies to check out Canaan and Jericho. Chapter speaks of an unlikely alliance. The help that God sends is not what we would expect and there is a great message for us to receive.

The chapter tells us that a gal named Rahab hid them and gave that advice. She took a risk. An extreme risk. Her life was on the line. But she did it anyway. Why?

Well, God revealed Himself to her in some form and she believed.

Who is Rahab?

She is a prostitute. Who would have thought?

First, God can bring us help from the most unlikely sources.

Second, God reaches out to what the world would call the lowly.

Lesson: Let’s not put God in a box and as we live we need to trust God that He will use those whom turn to Him. Therefore do not judge as the world does but let’s let love and grace rule.

The result: Rahab’s family is saved and Rahab ends up being in the genealogy of the Savior. Wow, this is powerful.

The next message … join us this Sunday for “Stepping Out into the Unknown.” This is chapter 3, read it and come and join us.

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