Celebrate (Joshua 4)

Come this Sunday to study together Joshua 5 … 10:30 am.

That being said last week we looked at Joshua 4. The people picked up stones after walking over dry ground. You might ask – so what? But it was across a flowing river that God stopped up and was an amazing event. Thus, why the 12 stones?

It is something we all should do. When God does an amazing thing we need to celebrate, not just immediately but off and on through our life. How do we do that? Take some markers, like stones, and set them in front of our eyes. When people ask what they mean we can talk about the great amazing things of God. Also, it helps us to remember the even even years later.

I have a Bible that someone gave to me after I came to a saving knowledge of God though the work of His Son Jesus Christ. It is getting old. The copyright date is 1850. I will not get rid of it as it is a special book. It is a reminder of the great thing God has done in my life and a great memory of my grandmother.

How about you?

Do you have some markers? If so what do you have and if not why not? It is important to celebrate and may the Lord teach us to celebrate!


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