Yo-Yo Effect: Lessons from Judges – Opportunity (Message 2 in the series)

Yes, this is lasts weeks sermon in brief form – you can catch up and join us this Sunday for the third message in the series.

God calls people to stand in the gap to help others grow and navigate through life. In the days of the judges as today life is like a yo-yo and goes up and down. The question that we must entertain is how do I too be a hero of the faith even in the face of these ups and downs.

We need people who can stand strong and lead the way. You are one of those people just as one of the judges of the book of Judges. That is right – each of us can be a Gideon, or a Samson, or a Jephthah, or a Deborah, just to name a few. When the opportunity arises can we stand up and be counted and take the opportunity to lead others in the life of true spirituality.

We may have flaws …

Jephthah did, as he had a problem with making rash statements.

Samson had some romantic improprieties.

Gideon dealt with flaws.

What are our flaws? The point – with God we can still overcome and make a difference.

We need to be like Deborah who choose wisely a general (Barak) who helped her succeed in the mission. We need to be like Gideon who was used of the Lord to raise an army of 32,000 even with doubt.

God can use you, yes he can. When he calls we need to step through the door of opportunity.

Join us this next Sunday for the next message (September 23, 2018) Blessings.


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