Easter Break From Joshua

This week we are celebrating life worshiping the Lord for His sacrifice that gave us life. Join us for the following events and come back next week for the end of Joshua.


Friday 4/14/2017 6:30 PM Good Friday Service

Sunday 4/16/2017 Resurrection Sunday

9:00 AM Brunch

10:00 AM Easter Egg Hunt

10:30 AM Worship Service


Renewed Purpose (Joshua 5)

Failure rots!

Imagine wandering around in circles for 40 years because of a bad decision. Now that is baggage. This is where we are at in Joshua 5.

“Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.'” (Joshua 5:9)

Failure causes tears and we need to learn from them and build on them. Here is what God is calling the people of Israel to do and may I suggest the message is for us. They are about to embark on the spiritual journey into the promised land after such a destructive bad decision. The taste left in our mouths makes us fear, makes us shirk back, and makes us hesitant to move forward.

God calls the people to restore and renew themselves to the covenant and to God’s power and grace. See it is not about us. It’s not about whether we are strong, beautiful, rich, or the powerful – God can give me, and you a renewed spiritual purpose. This is the abundant life promised in Christ.

The purpose is to pass on this promised land to all around us. We cannot fear. We cannot fear others, or even ourselves. God wants to use us and His love and desire that we succeed is a great encouragement. Thus the question … are we committed to this purpose?

The spiritual journey of the promised land is where we live reconciled to the great God, restored (the Passover) to God through His Son’s work on the cross, and we are all in (the lesson of the circumcision).

Not partly in – but all in. Are we? This is a renewed purpose and the result is a true peace that passes all understanding. God loves you!

Celebrate (Joshua 4)

Come this Sunday to study together Joshua 5 … 10:30 am.

That being said last week we looked at Joshua 4. The people picked up stones after walking over dry ground. You might ask – so what? But it was across a flowing river that God stopped up and was an amazing event. Thus, why the 12 stones?

It is something we all should do. When God does an amazing thing we need to celebrate, not just immediately but off and on through our life. How do we do that? Take some markers, like stones, and set them in front of our eyes. When people ask what they mean we can talk about the great amazing things of God. Also, it helps us to remember the even even years later.

I have a Bible that someone gave to me after I came to a saving knowledge of God though the work of His Son Jesus Christ. It is getting old. The copyright date is 1850. I will not get rid of it as it is a special book. It is a reminder of the great thing God has done in my life and a great memory of my grandmother.

How about you?

Do you have some markers? If so what do you have and if not why not? It is important to celebrate and may the Lord teach us to celebrate!


Stepping Out Into the Unknown

Imagine, being told to do something that in the past there was little success. Imagine the feelings of failure and the baggage of those who tried and passed along stories of how it is not possible. The consequences were 40 years of wanderings … so here comes the challenge – step out into the unknown. Go.

What would you or I do?

The command came with the response. In chapter 3 we read “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

It is not about our skills, our abilities, our popularity, our wealth, or how good looking we are, but rather about the Lord. Therefore, since God is with us amazing things can happen. Let us step out into the future with confidence that God will use us and do amazing things. When God calls, let us step out, even into the unknown.

The nation stepped out together over a dry Jordan River as the nation did as they left Egypt when they crossed the Red Sea. Amazing, so the next chapter.

Come Sunday morning at 10:30 am as we look at what is next. Something that we all need to do, both individually and as a church family. Come and join us. Blessings.

Unlikely Alliance

Joshua 2

Real briefly allow me to give a quick synopsis of the message from last Sunday.

Joshua sent out two spies to check out Canaan and Jericho. Chapter speaks of an unlikely alliance. The help that God sends is not what we would expect and there is a great message for us to receive.

The chapter tells us that a gal named Rahab hid them and gave that advice. She took a risk. An extreme risk. Her life was on the line. But she did it anyway. Why?

Well, God revealed Himself to her in some form and she believed.

Who is Rahab?

She is a prostitute. Who would have thought?

First, God can bring us help from the most unlikely sources.

Second, God reaches out to what the world would call the lowly.

Lesson: Let’s not put God in a box and as we live we need to trust God that He will use those whom turn to Him. Therefore do not judge as the world does but let’s let love and grace rule.

The result: Rahab’s family is saved and Rahab ends up being in the genealogy of the Savior. Wow, this is powerful.

The next message … join us this Sunday for “Stepping Out into the Unknown.” This is chapter 3, read it and come and join us.

Horizon: Rise and Crossover (Joshua 1)

{Note: We are going to consider together the book of Joshua over the next couple of months … join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 as we contemplate the truths that we are taught.}


The Lord said to Joshua “Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan …” (1:2)

The people stood on the horizon of entering the promised land. We all face the times in our life when we are standing on the horizon of change, of receiving something amazing. Perhaps it might be a new job, or going to college, or looking into the eyes of someone and saying “I do.” These new events carry with them a sense of excitement and bewilderment wondering what will happen.

Will I have success? Or will I fail?

The book of Joshua is about the nation of Israel receiving the promise of the land that was given to them by God. Without getting into detail here is a quick synopsis of the first message to help with joining with us for the second message.

  1. Going into Canaan was the place of promise. God states in this chapter that every place the feet of the Israelites steps they shall experience victory (1:3,4). The reason that they will experience this victory is because God Himself will be them, and God will not fail them or forsake them. Point: I am reminded of the great commission where our Savior said the same thing” “I will be with you till the end of the age” Matthew 28:20.
  2. Also, going into Canaan was the place of danger. As we step off the horizons of life into the unknown there is great promise of a fantastic future but in this world, there is also danger. Therefore, be strong and courageous (1:6,7, & 9). Notice once again that the reason for the victory and now stepping out with courage is not because of our own strength but because the Lord will not forsake us as He is always with us. Verse 8 speaks of holding to the book of the law. Meaning, abide in Me and my words abide in you, you will bear fruit (John 15:7).
  3. Hard to imagine but as we crossover the Jordan of life with faith by being strong we can face the new life with a deep peace in our souls because the promised land is the land of rest. Rest is not found in ourselves but in trusting the Lord. Do not miss that the Jordan dried up and the people crossed on dry ground. The start of the journey was a miracle as is the start of the believer. It is started through the work and Christ. In Hebrews 4:1, we read that the promise of entering his rest still stands. The rest is found in believing. So, as we step into the horizon we can find the rest offered by believing, and trusting.
  4. If the nation stood at the precipice of entering the place of promise, to successfully traverse the dangers, to find the rest they must do something, what must they do. They must be committed and step out by crossing over. In this chapter, we find the people committing themselves to “all” that was commanded and to Joshua as the leader (1:16-18).

Here it is in summary and application … as the nation of Israel was challenged to enter the promised land to receive the rest that was offered by God so are we. A rest that overcomes this world. But it requires that we be willing to take a risk and be committed to the plan that God has put before us. This is the challenge of Joshua chapter 1.

Question: Are we committed to God’s plan of rest in and through His Son? If you have never trusted God’s Son Jesus Christ as Savior, why not now. His offer of rest is always there. He states “Come unto me you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Trust the work of Jesus and you will find rest – then step into the horizon and cross the river of freedom and face the life in this world with strength and courage. Only then, even when this world throws at us terrible things we can have a peace that passes all understanding. We can therefore have a rest that is not only eternal but exists now in the center of our very soul. This rest will carry us through the days, the months, and the years.

Now unto chapter 2 and an unlikely alliance – what is it? Join us this Sunday for this fantastic study.