8/18/2019 Why are we here?

Why are we here? What do you think?

There are influences trying to confuse us and lead us on a path that they think are correct … how do we know which way to go? As we focus on the series we are on we have come down to the application of the summer series. We all need purpose and direction and thus the question of how do we find that and come tomorrow morning and let’s study the word together and take a look at that.

10:30 am worship service

There is also a 9:00 am Adult Bible Study and a 10:00 am coffee time  Join Us.

Angels, Demons, and the Holy Spirit – What to Do?

Yes … there is spiritual warfare and yes it involves all of us. Angels are servants of the Lord and the demons are seeking to kill and destroy and fight with God. In the process we believers are attacked and caught. The question – what do we do?

Come and study with us as we explore what God has provided for us so that we can navigate this life and have victory in the spiritual warfare that we are in. Join us on 8/11 for worship and study on Sunday mornings.

9:00 am Sunday School

10:00 am Coffee and Get to Know each other

10:30 am worship and studying the Word together

We would love to see you!!

Angels, Demons, and the Holy Spirit, Message 3 8/4/2019

Over the last few weeks we have taken a look at the angels and their ministry of service for the Lord. We have examined in Scripture the demons and their desire to be worshiped and to be “like god.” Now we will begin to take a look at the spiritual warfare that we are faced with and how to navigate this life in the midst of all that is going on – thus the examination of the Holy Spirit.

How do we stand firm? How do we stay strong and grow in the faith at the same time deal with the spiritual battle that is before us? This is where we are going … join us and let’s grow in Christ so that we can stay strong in this world though this is not our world.

This is an amazing study and as we study together – let’s grow. If you are looking for a church family, we are the place to be this Sunday, come and check us out. Know that you are welcome!!